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I always wanted an application like this. Found so many bars I never knew about. This is must have for beer lovers!

- Eric (SFO)

Easy to use interface and let's me look at the bar ratings. Never knew finding my favorite beers would be this easy. Spread the word guys - we need all bars on this app!

- Joanne (Chicago)

Since I added my bar to this app, I have started seeing new faces in bar - they all knew what they wanted to drink. Go figure!

- Andrew (Bar Owner, NYC)

I love this app! I've already used it on many a pub crawl and it has never failed to disappoint. I drink everything from Belgian Duvels to German Paulaner, or even my all time fave, Stella, and thanks to this great app, I always know where to find them!

- Zeenat (NYC)
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Find your favorite on-tap craft beers with our location-based search. No more letdowns upon walking in the door — as far as the draught selection goes, at least; the clientele is a different story.

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Add your favorite bars to the application on the go. As the saying goes, 'tis better to give than receive.

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A list of your favorite beers on tap wherever you are. Because sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.

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Get directions to bars serving your favorite draught beers — including phone numbers and links, if available, for bars registered on Findmytap. When you call, ask for Anita Bath.